East of Heart

Maybe I was being punished for missing the sunset


  1. Dorit wrote:

    Amazing pictures conveying the fascinating mix of people landscapes and architecture.In particular I would love to know what kind of fish that dead one in the sand is with it’s bone (horn?) protruding forward?
    Thank you for sharing your adventures,it is a huge pleasure to tag along.
    Big hug and kisses

  2. Ruedi wrote:

    great pix !

    it is like the entrance to a different world! may the voyage continue……..

  3. Victor wrote:

    Hi Falco, Good to read your adventures. Mady and I were in CH and saw Sofia in GVA and a couple of days latter we saw her again in Stuttgart where we celebrated Sepp’s 75th. Great occasion to keep the family contacts together and well cemented. All the best, great success and see you in Europe next academic year. A bientot, Victor & Mady