East of Heart

Leaving for Chennai

My two weeks of work are over and I will be back on the traveling route as of Friday evening. I am planning a 10-day loop through Tamil Nadu which will allow me to coincide with some colleagues for a day of process-documentation in the middle of the hot southern plains. Monsoon rains have arrived, but everyone finds them much weaker than usual. Even these precipitation levels would be considered quite torrential by Canadian standards though. I would liken the rain that I have experienced in Bangalore to a strong shower! The woman holding the slingshot sells snacks on top of Nandi Hill, a hill on which Tipu Sultan, the Tiger of Mysore, once had an impregnable fortress. She uses the device to scare off monkey thieves. I was fortunate to spend the weekend in the area as part of a company offsite meeting.

Everyone in Bangalore complains about the pollution, the congested streets and the degradation of the city’s once reputed green spaces.

In the first days, Bangalore had natural air conditioning!

I was told by rickshaw driver Shashidhara one day. The work was very much interesting, especially getting to know the team here, but it feels good to be travelling again.


  1. Ruedi wrote:

    fine to read your progress into the continent.
    I wish I could see that lady use the sling shot !
    With pleasure I notice that our camping excursions have some long term educational value… after all connection to fire is one of the fundamental human characteristics. We probably will never escape that fascination with the fire’s warmth, smell, color, sound, power, danger …….
    Perhaps you get to see the fires for the dead long the Ganges !

    je t’embrasse

  2. Sunil wrote:

    Nice to see the pyrotechnician at work!