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India Trip – May 8th to July 8th, 2010

Daily Expense Fluctuation by Category (Indian Rupees)Daily Expenses Fluctuation

Excluding 2-week work period in Bangalore:

Average Total and Daily Expenses by Category (Indian Rupees)

Average Daily Expenses: Amounts and Total Cost

Average Daily Expenses by Category (percentage)

Average Daily Expenses Distribution

(Interesting nearly equal distribution of accommodation, food and transportation costs!)

Indian Rupee to US Dollar Exchange Rate Fluctuation (8/5 to 8/7)


  1. Sofia wrote:

    I can’t wait to read your new adventures!

  2. Ruedi wrote:

    I really admire your presentation of the financial aspects in your travel. When
    I look at my own travel (especially business) I see that accommodation is usually a very large expense. Looking at this more closely it really does not make sense to spend money for something you hardly use:It is nice to have your own bathroom, yet you usually use the shower 2x maximum per day, the bed 1x and the TV never …. why pay so much?


  3. Mercedes wrote:

    that makes around 15€ per day???? amazing, noticing that you pay around 3-4€ for a capuccino in Starbucks around here… sometimes I think I could get rid of so many things and live thrifty… (I’d keep my wonderful Kitchen robot with me, my Thermomix, of course :)