East of Heart

Back to the Americas

Picking mushrooms with my father

Nocturnal laser physics

Trivia night with DJ Parasol

In the picture above, the Pacific coast of Peru. There are lots of fish to study here.
East of Heart is now broadcasting from Lima!


  1. Will Shim wrote:

    The last picture: La Rosa Nautica en Miraflores? I hope you didn’t spend anything in there otherwise you’ll go over budget in the country! Ja ja ja!

  2. Falco wrote:

    Larcomar, si amigo. I was in and out of there in no time, though I was perplexed to see how few shops it has compared to other mall cities in Lima, considering that it’s an important shopping site in Miraflores. Underwhelming in a way.

  3. Sunil wrote:

    Hey Falco!
    Namaskara! Hola!
    What lens are you using for these shots & if you could somehow mention the settings too, it would be great!
    I enjoy your blog

  4. Falco wrote:

    Hi Sunil! I use a fixed 24mm F2.8 lens for 99% of my photographs. I usually take pictures in Aperture priority at the near lowest aperture, using the fact that my lens’ sharpness is designed for full-frame cameras (on my DX / APS-C sensored body there are practically no edge artifacts even at F2.8). This way I am sure to have a maximum of light coming in on all shots and when there is light, I can still quickly play around with depth of field. I find that my camera functions best with 0.5 points less of exposure. Auto ISO from 100-800. Thanks for stopping by, I am happy to learn that you are still following, your feedback is really appreciated. Namaskara!