East of Heart

3000 Papas

You know, Peruvians aren’t lying when they tell you that over 3,000 varieties of potatoes are grown in their soils. Potato is called papa in Latin America, not patata! The smoother-skinned tubers in these pictures are olluco (black, red and golden), which is considered different from papas here but is still part of the potato family. Also photographed here are sun and freeze-dried potatoes (the pale white ones) called chuños which are used in many soups and stews. I wish Sweden had caught on to this preservation method!

Maize diversity. The whole grains are for toasting, to make cancha, a popular snack and typical ceviche garnish –

Chili pepper (ají) varieties, mushroom panettone and Andean bagels (next to suckling pig shaped milk bread) –

Finally, cocoa fruit! It tastes similar to mangostene. Freshly made truffles taste absolutely incredible with much more varied flavours than the finished products with overpowering toasted earth notes that I am used to.