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I’m the first to admit that I am still learning how to get the best out of my D300, but it’d be nice to one day switch to a full-frame sensor and pentaprism. You could say that given how little Nikon glass I own (most shots comes from a $400 24mm/f2.8) I should have switched to a 5D, but I’m quite attached to the grip and feel of my loyal red-licked companion. It’s never failed me, never, and still sits cushioned by only a thin white scarf most of the time. But then today I met her 36 megapixel sister.

Say, should I include more technical facts about cameras and taking pictures in my posts?

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  1. Alexei wrote:

    I wouldn’t go to the length of documenting all the technical details of the pictures. Might as well leave some mystery. I’m sure the real photogs who follow you wouldn’t hesitate to just ask! The food and travel stories are the good stuff. I think your viewership will continue to increase based on the content you already have, so long as you don’t post pictures of me at the beach. I will be making chicha morada this weekend, perhaps I’ll document the process and send you some instagrams of my own. Blast off!