East of Heart

Paulista Perspectives

These images are all from the main central areas of São Paulo, they don’t really provide an idea of the scale and extension of the metropolis. I would need a helicopter to provide that. It’s enormous, huge, an impressive ode to capitalism and reminds me a lot of Manhattan. With the economic boom in Brazil right now, you really notice that people have money to spend and restaurants and bars are packed. I find being in these neoliberal ivory towers incredibly stimulating. You’re staring at a forest of steel and glass obelisks which some regard as the pinnacle of human ingenuity, yet they are directly built on top of and from complex forest ecosystems in the interior. Rolling onwards, do you realize that by surrounding ourselves with products made from oil and gas (plastics, paint, cosmetics), we are actually living enveloped in the carcasses and remains of sea creatures and plants from millions of years ago? I find it beautiful but it might cause some dilemmas to those of you who believe strongly in karma. Will nuclear fusion one day allow us to forge our environments out of molten rock? What will our cities look like then?