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DSC4062bCheering soldiers after the parade, Oxapampa, Perú

DSC4718Language politics in Montreal

Hi! I am back in Stockholm and I am still writing my thesis. I had the best two-month return to the field I could have hoped for. Now I live again between library and residence surrounded by reddening autumn leaves. I find it difficult to keep up the blog when I’m so focused on writing academically, but I assure you that it’s just a temporary absence.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about the blog’s format again. I imagine that I can only publish massive, detailed, narrative posts, but it shouldn’t be this way if that’s not how my life is going. I’ve broken form a little to experiment with more stylized post-processing instead of the true-to-reality images I normally share here. It’s freed me to take different kinds of photographs and accept alternative end products. I’ve mostly shared these on Tumblr (sombramia) and Instagram (@falcomueller), two platforms that I enjoy publishing on spontaneously to see what images look like online, but it should be just as easy here, it’s my site after all! Lastly, I’m also thinking a lot about where to take this creative urge in the future and how to elevate the journalistic penchant which the posts here have sometimes taken. It’ll mean new equipment and trips in the next year, but I’ll let that ferment in the background during the thesis. So here goes, I hope you’ve all been enjoying a pleasant turn of season.

The latest from Stockholm





Stopover in Reykjavic

Landscape photos from my brief stopover in Reykjavik, Iceland on the way back to Sweden. Did you know that genetic research on contemporary Icelanders is showing them to be the descendants of a mass migration of Norse (from Sweden and Norway) men who brought wives from the British Isles with them? I wonder what drove this geographical preference.











a) Beach and desk in Lima b) Friends c) Barranco graffiti and wild avocados at the breakfast table in Chimbote (upcoming post) d) Sidewalk photos taken while cycling in Toronto e) The Beauties performing at the Dakota Tavern in Toronto and some construction facing street art in Montreal f) Fountains in Toronto next to a fading sky in Stockholm.

French Bulldogs

Finally, a portraiture project I did with my mother’s dogs while at home in the forest.



  1. Dorit wrote:

    Super belles les fotos et interessant les commentaires sur la populations de l’icelande .Beaucoup de gens aiment les portraits de mes chiens.J’ime les gamins dans la rue de Stockholm et la fenetre ouverte a Lima .

  2. Michel wrote:

    Sympa ces photos, je me demande quel theme est-ce que vous utiliser?

  3. Falco wrote:

    Salut Michel! Ça fait plaisir de savoir que tu trouves les photos intéressantes. J’ai légèrement modifié le thème Imbalance de WordPress Shower pour cette page (http://wpshower.com/themes/imbalance/). Leurs thèmes sont fortement recommandés, ils sont très bien programmés et faciles à adapter.