East of Heart


I started this blog to share thoughts and images when I left four stable years in Toronto for India on May 8th, 2010. That trip lasted 3 months and also took me through Turkey and Iran before I moved to Stockholm to begin my master’s in Human Geography.

For my second year of courses and thesis research, I found an exchange program with a university in Lima. It fed my fascination with Peru and also led me to cross South America on land twice in 2012. After graduating in June 2013, I left Sweden for the west coast of Canada in search of surf. Since December I have been back where I originally began, in Toronto.

East of Heart is about attempting to document the everyday reality of other cultures and my own search for attachment: to places, people and ideas. I use my camera as a tool to focus on the essence of a moment, a place, and awareness of my emotional response to it. My pictures are mostly captured with my cherished Nikon D300 through a fixed 24 or 35mm lens. The site runs on WordPress and wears a modified version of the Imbalance theme from WPShower.

Please contact me at write@falcomueller.com with any questions, comments or deliberations of your own that you’d like to share, I would love to hear from you!

For an overview of my photography and aspirations to work in fisheries management and natural resource policy analysis, visit my main site at falcomueller.com. I’m also on twitter, have a tumblr where I post everyday photographs and inspirations, you’ll find my Vimeo selections here, and I’m a proud member of CouchSurfing.



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Turkey & Iran