Horizon Chasing - Cumulus

Cloudy skies, rickety early morning motorride // A jump in the train, a squeeze onto a seat, // Slumber awaits the trackthump to take over, // But with city now behind in its blunder, // Nature re-awakens your spirit with green, air and rain, // But not thunder


Thus I boarded the train and nestled in for the epic ride up Araku Valley. One of few trains which bears letter in its serial name, the 1VK links Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh with Koraput district in southwestern Orissa and ends in Jagdalpur, Chhattisgarh. It slices through high coastal mountains from the Eastern Ghats and as the valley widens, the terraced fields become more numerous. The faces appearing on the platforms begin to look different, women’s clothing and jewelery unique, languages spoken are unrecognizable and the ripe fruits which are passed in baskets through the aisles are bright and fragrant, pointing back out the windows to tall jackfruit and mango trees. I did not want to be too selective with these photos, they were all taken from the train and show the northwestward change in geography.