Sculpture in Trichy (Tiruchirappalli)


From Shri Ranganathar and Thayumanavar Rockfort temples in Trichy (Tiruchirapalli).Left to right,

Row 1 Some "erotics", Vishnu taking care of an elephant, a detailed dancer (in other narrative carvings, some naked women are shown embarrassed when Vishnu appears holding their stolen clothing up in a tree beside them)

Row 2 Two examples of Dravidian (ancient South Indian style) hybrid animal depictions containing parts of lions, elephants, cows, sometimes even crocodiles (cf. next post)

Row 3 A sculpture that my guide probably shows to every European, who subsequently shows their friends - the Portuguese helping to defeat a Muslim army in the 16th century (notice the stabbing) Vishnu's yet to appear tenth incarnation, it is predicted to have a horse's face and will appear with the end of the world, much like the mounts of its Christian apocalyptic counterparts A detailed poised lion sculpture leading to Rockfort temple