Controlled Detonation

Reading over the last post (Shelved perceptions), I realised it was a ranting mess and decided to pull it. Sure, each paragraph kind of stood for itself, but it was too long a monologue to make a simple argumentation: 1. I have a hard time accepting Sweden's selection of supermarket imports as a substitute for an authentic homegrown variety of foods. 2. Having just come back from Spain, I feel even more motivated to eat a Swedish ingredient based diet in reaction to the negligence of local variety amidst shelves of mass-produced exotics. 3. I must admit to myself that if authenticity and variety of food plays such an important part of my own perceived quality of life, then in the long-run I should let it be a major consideration in deciding where to live.

The reason for the low meaning per word / high pointlessness quotient, I think, was that I had just come back from the supermarket and was tempted to rant. I know people and admire many more who spontaneously speak their minds and have their thoughts on any topic enchantingly structured from the outset, but it isn't something that I am inherently good at. When it's to sell something or talk geography, it can be, but when impulsive, I usually need reflective pause. A friend used to sarcastically ask me sometimes if I had just spoken Tamil when I expressed frustrations to him (because he didn't understand me, not because Tamil is any bit incoherent!). How, what and when do you feel most comfortable writing?

I adjoin some more food pictures and other general ones from Spain. Spring is upon us in Stockholm, I await my fourth and final module of the academic year and I am training daily for a 10km race this coming Sunday. I hope you are all well and happy.