I wish I were announcing the near anniversary of East of Heart with more confidence. I feel bad for still having pending stories. At the moment, I am locking myself into an academic project that surpasses me in almost anything I have done so far; it is proving unnerving just to assume full responsibility for it in my thoughts whilst many important parallel variables remain undeveloped. There is nothing my mind likes more than logistical problems that involve me performing sequential physical and networking tasks with mental endurance, but the double move looming ahead has my subconscious stressfully crawling with readiness to pull the go trigger in order to re-arrive at a point of stability. I still have a month to go and I am already seeing every print, object and clothing item in terms of how it will be organized and fitted into my backpacks. As books, pen and lens see me wishing for dependable continuous immersion in deep thought, I am increasingly aware of how much I would enjoy a palpable sense of spatial permanence and attachment, but I still constantly skew my path towards nomadism. Writing this had me think of a friend who's also got the discovery bug: I just saw that he was evacuated from Afghanistan to Dubai in March and is now in Libya. At the same time, going home has me replaying my departure last year and the uneasy first months in Stockholm. Some things cannot be learnt by force or adaptation, only an open comforted free mind can absorb them. How to achieve this lucidity while moving? My travels last year suggested that it can come from being truly continuously nomad. So is it the in between that causes us conflict? Is your supportive mental backbone more in your head or in the environment that surrounds you?