Mindless Fishing

I am working on a fish-related post for you in the next 24 hours but I needed to share these succinctly informative videos from the Pew Environment Group first. 70 million sharks being slaughtered every year around the world, in large part for their fins, is not a newly revealed fact. A year and a half after a proposed international ban on the trade in endangered shark species was shot down under CITES though, I am still clueless about how we allow ourselves (writing as both a human being and European and North-American citizen) to satiate the material addictions of the newly-wealthy people and cultures of Asia at the cost of these species going extinct. This scale of mindless violation evidences the fact that economic development does nothing to mediate such tremendous rational and spiritual poverty, in both the captor and consumer. Marine extraction becomes more complex and systematic by the day, whilst our diets are continually reinvented to include end products that are ever more conceptualized and removed from their nature and true cycles of production. Is it really desirable for our reality to be one of continuous transformation founded on the homogenization of nature, with no regard for what the planet had become before the so-called anthropocene of global human-driven change, in ignorance of the true constants amongst which our internally-perceived progress is insignificant? Mindfulness has no correlation with money, so start thinking and feeling first, especially if you are still eating from the sea.