Shall We?


My semester at PUCP is fast coming to its end. The time has gone by so untraceably that I have even started listing back the weeks that I have been here to see what I have actually been up to. I haven't left Lima but I've seen a lot of the city and whilst keeping my courses in focus, have used it as a canvas to explore thoughts, heart and emotions a little bit more freely than I am used to. Certainly, some of my most memorable experiences have been linked to the opportunities I have had to collaborate with the university's School of Dance (soon to be faculty). From working with a renown visiting photographer to time-freezing emerging breakdance stars, helping students with their portfolios through to capturing their final presentations in front of an audience, these collaborations have given me invaluable opportunities to develop my photography. In the process, I have met very special people with a capacity to express that defies anything my lens could encompass, and made good friends. Taking pictures distracted me from doing much interpretation in the moment, but it's certainly peaked my interest in contemporary dance going forward. My parallel pursuit of athletics has been quite stiff in comparison, and I wouldn't mind taking ballet again, it's been almost 20 years. More excitement following exams!