Work Surface


This is what happens when two wannabe carpenters shack up. I just moved to Barranco, a district on the southern edge of Lima where there is more life in the streets, public art on the walls and beautiful tall trees replace the manicured and water-sucking parks of San Miguel and the university. I was weary about enjoying this widely-proclaimed cool neighbourhood but it is great here, almost like living in Kensington Market in Toronto. My roommate is an event organizer and architecture consultant originally from jungle areas in the northeast. When I mentioned that I needed a table and was off to the hardware store to buy some wood he came along and 4 hours later (minus the varnish) we had this masterpiece: cheap, 100% Chilean planted pine, stable and wonderfully conducive to spending hours writing. With the remaining bits from the planks, José built a shelving system for the kitchen. On Saturday, I am off to Cusco. In a half-hour I'll be off for lunch - vegetable-stuffed avocado anyone?