Me quemaste

I happened upon this firefighting ambulance that had caught fire on my way home this afternoon. It looked like the flames had just begun to take over, with the melting insides cracking and exploding menacingly as more and more smoke bellowed out and the van slowly kept rolling forward. The escaped driver was walking ahead, coughing and talking loudly on his cellphone. He appeared to be recovering from minor burns. I still have no idea how it started. I kept my distance thinking the vehicle was about to explode, but local residents valiantly burst out to assault the flames with extinguishers, pales of water and shovel loads of dirt. After 40 shots on my point and shoot, I rushed home to e-mail my pictures to the newspapers but no one ever wrote me back interested.

These images are more processed than what I usually post but I am hoping to integrate more experimental / experiential images like these into the blog in the future instead of keeping them for my secret Tumblr page. 7 days left in the capital with my research project finally somewhat well defined, and no thanks to my always too-busy Swedish supervisor! I saw David Fincher's version of Män som hatar kvinnor two nights ago and have to admit that Daniel Craig makes for a cool Mikael Blomkvist. The film made me want to be running through Slussen every day again. Soon, but I first have to run through to Brazil.

Update - The informal editors here at the jato (Peruvian slang for house) are saying I should have posted these images in colour. We've concluded that colour makes them more informative (you can see the impressive flames) but black and white is visually more interesting. This screenshot makes them comparable. What do you think?