Iglesia El Rosario - San Salvador

I enjoyed a seven hour stopover in San Salvador on my flight away from Perú, a thrilling glimpse of the Salvadoran capital that left me conscious of how much I've yet to discover of Latin America. If you ever go through there and have time to kill, skip the taxis and take public bus 138 to and from the centre from the airport: it takes about 50 min each way and costs $0.60.

One of the highlights of these few hours of exploration was stumbling upon El Rosario church in Parque Libertad. Designed by architect and sculptor Rubén Martínez, it took seven years to build and its plans were directly approved by the Vatican after national ecclesiastic authorities turned down the initial proposal. Martínez wanted to build a church different from any other in the Americas. The filtering coloured light, the wide open circular space and the sculptural presence of Christ's life combine to create a serene place to cultivate thought, prayer and faith. Magnificent!