Thanks David

I got to do a five-day workshop with David Alan Harvey in 2009. It transformed my approach to photography of course, but I could have never anticipated how powerful its effects continue to be three years onwards. Having been his student, I keep track of his work and continue to learn through it (burn), but I've also embedded his teachings into my way of relating to the world: stay loose, feel, love, and most importantly at the moment, conflict and restlessness are good when expressed.

I have so much stirring inside me these days and I've trapped myself in rational loops of introspection. This seems to be the reflex you develop when doing so many things alone, that you should be able to stomach and process anything on your own. What actually happens when you're travelling though is that you introspect through what's around you: your thoughts don't stay trapped inside growing like rolling snowballs. You also continuously absorb new ideas that can help you make sense of yourself. The routine situation I am in now offers no escape (I have to get the thesis done) and few obvious sources of mental novelty, however I shouldn't make the situation worse by folding upon myself. At least I am not that kind of person. I need to let my feelings and thoughts porously evaporate outwards, condense and be re-absorbed through some kind of reflection from the outside world, or better yet through expressions. Here in lies the strength of David's philosophy about taking photographs : in order to figure out the outside world, you have build a relationship with it that has you eager to figure yourself out through it. Giving it narrative constance then has the potential to inspire purpose. Let's go back to telling each other stories.